Transfer of Works of Art/Piano

SDI LOCAL MOVE is the specialist in moving works of art of all kinds. A very specific niche of our profession that requires special provisions. We are at your service for the safe packing, removal, and handling of all your artworks. All our transports are carried out with specifically adapted equipment, in boxes allowing a solid stowage dedicated to the transport of objets d’art.

In order to ensure the integrity of your artworks, SDI LOCAL MOVE takes into account various factors to select the best mode of transport. The technical characteristics of the work, its fragility or its seniority are decisive. Based on these criteria, our experts will decide on the best packaging mode: stamping, carousel, caissec, wrap, etc. If necessary, we can also manufacture customized containers and crates.

Privé, galerie d’art, gestionnaire d’exposition ou entreprise, vous êtes ainsi assurés de profiter d’une protection optimale lors de tout déplacement de vos précieuses oeuvres grâce au savoir faire de nos équipes spécialement formées et à l’expérience reconnue de notre entreprise.