Office Move

You are a business owner and you have finally found a new office? Need to move a department or an entire office? From the offices located in the skyscrapers to the shops, at SDI LOCAL MOVE we can take care of it.

The moving experts of our office know all the special requirements to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. We organize and execute office moves that fit into your schedule,  office after office hours or on weekends if necessary to minimize disruption. We help you as much as you want from moving a few pieces of heavy equipment to complete office moving packages including installing the computer system. We keep all staff informed and involved so that you are settled quickly in your new space. , efficiently and ready to do the job.

Moving a business is like moving a very big family: a lot of people will have to work together to bring it to fruition. SDI LOCAL MOVE meets with your managers and key personnel in advance to develop an appropriate schedule. We know that good coordination and good communication are essential to a good office move. We also ensure that all staff know how to organize themselves before the day of the move.